FilmOn (.com/.tv) – First Impressions

I recently stumbled across a Roku app called FOTV. Installing it and opening it up, it listed LIVE UK TV. I gave it a shot and BBC, ITV streamed pretty nicely, all beit not very good quality (low resolution) – but hey, for free what can you expect? Other live UK channels, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV1+1, etc worked but buffered every 30 seconds. That and a big logo in the corner of every stream.

Checking out their website ( or I saw they offer a “Premium” service, which included a few other channels (none of which interested me) and claimed HQI (480p instead of 240p). They want $15/mo or $150/yr…

So, I bit the bullet and signed up for a month using PayPal¬†expecting that the HQI would look better and the buffering would be almost none (and hoping their giant logo would also be gone). What do you get? Buffering is still the same and the HQI doesn’t look any different than the free stream, definitely not worth the $15/mo.

Will I renew? Nope. Visually, the 240p and the HQI streams are the same and buffering is a problem regardless if you’re using the free streams or the premium.

My 2 cents.

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  1. Here’s a catch – when I signed up, I was using a Canada VPN endpoint. Available Live TV choices were a couple from Canada and a whole bunch (about 35) from the UK. The UK channels included BBC*, ITV*, Channel 4, Channel 5, etc.
    Now, I changed my VPN endpoint to the US and UK Live TV has dropped to about 6 channels – a bunch of obscure channels I’ve never heard of; BBC, ITV, etc are no longer available. Oh, and all the Canada Live TV channels are gone too.
    Definitely won’t be renewing my subscription with FilmOn; quality is not great and channels are limited (apparently) by Geo-Location.

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